Sun Chiao Rubber Enterprise Co., Ltd (formerly Xuqiao Rubber Enterprise) was founded on February 28, 1995. The main service items are the processing and manufacturing of rubber parts for automobiles and locomotives. After years of hard work, the company is committed to the processing and manufacturing of silicon light products and the research and development of products related to baby products.

[Professional hands, service heart] Has been the company's purpose and goal for many years. Continuous self-request, providing customers with the best products and the best service quality to meet customer needs. Hello, R & D and procurement supervisors: Xu Qiao Company undertakes various industrial needs of rubber products, and includes valet research and development and mass production services, from raw material development, mold design to product forming inspection ; For the sake of customers, your peace of mind and satisfaction; the company upholds the principles of business ethics and integrity, and provides you with a full range of services for research and development, design, production, marketing, and confidentiality.